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#233915 - we had plaaned to only stay there an hor till the 4 o'clock bus but you'll find out later. i started playing with her nipple but i was so spent i soon fell asleep. i woke up the sky was dark and both girls were still happily sleeping away next to me i slid out from between them and found my clothes i looked at my watch it was 7 o'clock at night the last bus leaving school was at 4 i quickly woke the 2 girls who were as surprised as i was to know it was really late we all got dressed and started walking home luckily we all live about a mile from the school.

Read Sologirl 早苗迷走中「早苗式ヒーリング」 - Original Sloppy Blowjob 早苗迷走中「早苗式ヒーリング」

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