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#56076 - Their first session at this special discipline and training center had gone well they had both been lead around in front of a bunch of strange men that supposedly worked at the center these men did not look at all like compassionate trainers they looked more like depraved sexual deviates and the dozen or so that they had been paraded around helplessly in front of only seemed to be waiting for a chance to get their hand on either of these pets, Jo with her large breasts and Lea because she seemed to so young and innocent. that was becoming less bashful by the minute!. He was quite intrigued by the thought as well as what she had been through and the thought of having a pet that had been so abused, and to some degree, seemed to enjoy it, this had really appealed to his darker side.

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Collet farandole
Thank you
Kokoa hoto
I wish she did not get that boob job but she is still beautiful