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#39954 - . Where,s Sally, have,nt seen her since last night I asked Cathy, she,s been outside around the front of the Cottage, apparently she,s a budding artist and has been putting the finishing touches to a landscape she started sometime ago, just as we were talking about her ,she arrived into the room,anyone for sex she asked, well we had better decide what we wre going to do, After a long discussion it was a agreed that July would be 1st prize, in a little game called taste the pussy, all the girls would remove their panties and I would get to taste them all, and guess who,s pussy it was,and so-on,each person would get to taste all,and the winner would be whoever could guess all the pussies correct, the only thing was that I would not get to fuck July, I got to fuck the least correct girl.

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Good luck man
Filicia heideman
Best ever
Saren sasaki
Wow wow wow that s so hot the best part was when he asked you if felt like a slut taking the second cock and you said yes but then you got this smirk your eyes lit up and said but i liked it awesome
Anya alstreim
She is a goddess mm