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#42812 - (hope you enjoyed this story if I get good feedback ill right a sequel thanx by big john) Cheerleader surprise My little sister had a friend called Mary they often had sleepovers and sometimes Mary’s older sister Kelly came to join them Kelly was 16 the same as me whenever she came over we talked a lot she was head cheerleader at our school she was the hottest girl at the school and I never thought she’d go for a guy like me id had a crush on her for ever but never said anything one night when she came over my sister was in the shower and Mary was waiting to get in it was just me and Kelly in the living room. I was pretending to watch TV but I was just looking at her she said her muscles were tired from cheer practice and she asked me for a back massage I agreed trying not to sound too enthusiastic about the idea as I was about to get up I realized I had a massive errection I got up trying to hide it but I think she saw it because she gave me a seductive look so I got up and the

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Haruka amami
So realistic and exciting beginning the older sis can really suck cock felt so good watching those beautiful faces licking the cock i really enjoyed the older sis lips slipping on his cock that was so exciting to watch the girls enjoying a cock