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#105711 - She cloud feel her orgasm fast approaching, lifting her head she plunged two finger's into Mary's dripping pussy and started finger fucking her, rotating her wrist to increase the sensations that rocked through Mary. Mary laughed You'll have to ask them Maybe I should, I know for certain that my husband would love to get in his daughter's pants Jill headed back to Billy's room, turning her head she smiled, Will I see you both again tomorrow? Mary shook her head, No we leave first thing tomorrow Jill looked disappointed, I'll give you our address, that way if you're ever passing, well you know and you can let us know if anything happens between you and you kids Yea OK that'd be good After the maid had left Mary and Billy slowly drifted back to sleep locked in each other's arms. His mom was sitting on the toilet her legs parted as she carefully ran his razor over her pussy.

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