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#242552 - Than you Broc Gommu said to the huge man as he helped Raiden up Come on Raiden I believe we have a lot to talk about! Gommu said cheerily as he walked off and Raiden followed I didn't know you had children Gommu Raiden said in a surprised tone as Gommu smiled Yes Gommu began They are twins, both seventeen, born not long after our fleet was sunken and I left the military, benders too strangely enough, Minori is a Fire bender, Ninori a water bender, mother died during birth though Gommu finished sadly as they sat down at a chair outside his shanty home So, whats this about an equalist convoy comin our way? Gommu asked inquisitively Yeah, it's supposed to be a pretty big shipment, mostly crafting materials for weapons, I already have someone on the inside of their organisation, but I'm gonna need some help if I'm gonna stop thai shipment coming in, and don't worry we'll hit it as far away from your settlement as possible Raiden re

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