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#140741 - Jennifer found she actually enjoyed his company. He stepped out of his clothes and exposed a serious erection…While his lust for her was obvious…she was impressed with his attentiveness to her needs …First fondling her breasts and nipples then slowly moving down to her pussy…He took his time and exhibited skills with his fingers and tongue that pleasantly surprised her… twice…She started a steady stream of slutty dialogue that she continued only after seeing the effect it had on him…She maneuvered around and took him in her mouth. While he writhed in pleasure…He pulled himself out of her mouth and stopped her saying only “please, I need to be inside you” She rolled over and spread her legs for him…and caught a glimpse of that little boy look again…In a flash it was gone and he was plunged deep inside her…They started in mish and then rolled over to doggy.

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Cute with perfect tits the side view with her big tits hanging down is incredible
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