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#358176 - A figure loomed over me, silhouetted partly against the direction of the setting sun – she was a taller and more intimidating presence than I had realised. I opened the long low door of the expensive sports car, and uncoiled myself from the driver’s seat; to step out, I had to spread my legs even wider in her direction, and I made sure of doing so slowly, pausing to stretch slightly as if my back was a bit stiff from the driving. It consisted of a padded harness which strapped around the head and face, leaving holes for the eyes and room for the nostrils to breathe.

Read Couples 夏美我的愛 1-24 Bondage 夏美我的愛 1-24

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So beautiful
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I would have been all over them myself
This one is called we vibe honey you and your wife will have a lot of fun with it s2
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