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#86752 - Foxx was in a pretty bad mood this morning before he left for work!!! He was mumbling something about tax day, and just to show him how much I appreciated everything he’d done for me I sucked him off when he stepped out of the shower!!! Mr. April 11 Dear Diary, Wow, you should have been with us last week!!! Mr. Foxx gave me one hundred dollars and sent me on my way to explore the city when he was at his meeting!!! I found this little place that advertised live dancing in private rooms, and since I’d never heard of anything like that before I went inside to check it out!!! I bought ten dollars worth of tokens, and a minute later I was in a booth watching a black man with the biggest cock I’d ever seen dancing in front of my little window!!! I slipped a five dollar tip through this little slot, and after he had grabbed it and added it to a large pile of bills on the floor, he came back to my window and began jerking off for me!!! He was really putting on a show!!! After about five minut

Read Bang Bros Hachigatu, Kanojo wa Uso wo tsuku. Usa Hachigatu, Kanojo wa Uso wo tsuku.

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Il love both of you riding my cock as the other is sitting on my face fucking it
Kako takafuji
So sexy
I need this wife
Hiroshi nakano
I think we should all keep an ausio clip of him saying that so we can send it to women we have to let down
Yuri nakamura
That dog doesnt care at all