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#274797 - of this the older man pulled out of his mouth and lifted the young man up and bent him over the toilet, he slipped the baby blue panties down and applied something to the young mans ass hole, he then presses the head of his cock into the man, it slipped in with no trouble at all, I watched as the older man pounded his cock in to the other mans ass, the younger mans cock was rock hard and sticking straight out like a flag pole, , with one hard thrust , the older man moaned and unloaded his cum into the other man ass He slowly removed his cock from the ass of the other man, and packed it into his paints, I could hear him say you´re such a sweet little bitch I love fucking that hot ass, and left the stall …. he removed his cock from the hole I watched him remove the blue panties and a matching bra, he slipped in to his boxers, I was not sure what to do . as I watched this I could not believe my eyes, I was even a bit jealous of the young man, he was giving the perfect blow job, …after ab

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Yoshitaka nakabayashi
Started my journey a while ago now and after many ups
Mithos yggdrasill
I love that
Yami yugi
Maki genryusai
Oh thank you sir xoxo