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#334822 - 'Lean over the bed, legs wide' you say and I do as I am told, feeling you stroke my arse, run your fingers down my slit until I am moaning in pleasure, feeling you open my wide, one finger inside, then two, three, four, I moan as I feel you fill me, and suddenly with a twist of your wrist, I feel your whole hand inside me, fisting me hard, lifting me off my feet until I find myself crawling up the bed 'Please no more' I beg, trying to escape your hand and for a second you stop, giving me time to breath, I put my head on my arms, panting, sticking my arse in the air and you take this as a sign to begin again, on and on you twist your hand inside me, filling me, making me gasp as my body responds and I can feel my juices running down my inner thighs as you pull your hand out, holding it in front of my face as I lick and suck my cum from your fingers. Your hand strokes between my legs again and you suck your fingers 'Ohh Dirty girl, you like that' and hol

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Eu gosto do pau preto mais do que o branco
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