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#78799 - The exception was after my mom and dad divorced my new step father gave me a number of bare handed and bare bottom spankings! He and I never got along and I rebelled to all but the simplest of his demands! My mother who worked a lot and was gone in the evenings had given him full permission to discipline me in any way he wanted, and his favorite was to turn me over his knee lift my dress and pull down my panties, and paddle my bare bottom! I would always carry on begging him not to hurt me, but we both knew it was more than willing on my part, and later I was sent to a private school. But what I really like is a man who wears a wide leather belt, and knows how to use it, even these days the thought of this, and what happened to me back then is still quite sexually intoxicating! My First Time With a Belt! This like many stories, was one that actually happened to me as a young girl in puberty, and has become one of my favorite fantasies to relive.

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