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#176844 - She had a leg in each hand to keep them apart and to give her easy access to his now large cock i could not take my eyes of her, as her head went up and down with a faint sucking sound i could not believe what i was seeing i have to sit down and watch. It is not a bad taste i thought it would have been bitter but it is not he cums a lot it filled my mouth within seconds i had to swallow or chock it is amazing how much spunk he has i must have swallowed a cup full i should not have opened my mouth just at that time to scream yes we looked at each other and laughed. As i bent over to comfort her i could still feel Brunos large cock still inside me so i bent down to make it easy for him to pull it out when he was ready i new that some times dogs get locked together when they fuck it did feel good having it still inside me i could not feel him pumping his hot cream into me now so he must have cum his load.

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