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#47212 - Hi i'm harry a 18 year old regular guy from Manchester ENGLAND, It all started when my brother got himself a girlfriend and they moved in together in a new flat. As i was staring at her deeply her eyes awoken and just looked blankly at me, i quickly turned to the TV pretending i wasn't looking and i heard a soft voice say Harry, i looked at her and replied whats up?, do you like me she said, well yes i replied, then kiss me she spoke quickly sounding quite frightened of what my reaction would be, i didn't speak i just did as she said i gave her a little peck on the lips because i was trying to pay 'hard to get', again she said so i did this time a longer one and i felt her tongue slip into my mouth quicky, i couldnt restrain my self, so without realising it my hand was already on one of her small pert tits, she had quite a thick bra on so i couldnt feel her nipples. I could see her little hands trying to post the bottle further up her ass but it w

Read Gemendo Shuu Nikubenkitte...Nandesuka? - Genshiken Missionary Shuu Nikubenkitte...Nandesuka?

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