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#206442 - “Leila only said it was bigger than average, nothing about it being bloody huge and absolutely gorgeous” she drooled “it must be bloody 9” when its soft and look how thick it is” she went on “ok jules” thanks for the compliments but we really ought to get out there and see what this place has to offer” I tried to change the subject It was no use she was transfixed “to be honest Chris, as soon as you walk out of this room, what the hotel has to offer is going to be the last thing on the ladies minds” “can I just feel how soft it is like that?” she begged. down there” she winked “and most of the guys here have probably shrivelled up” she laughed “so you may be even more ok” she was chuckling to herself I looked down at my boxers, pulled at the strap a little to have a quick glimpse to make sure it hadn’t shrivelled up and died in its moment of public exposure. You’ll certainly get some attention with your curves I can tell you” I winked.

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This hentai would be even better if her boyfriend was wearing a vr headset wholesale she was banging his brother right next to him
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Mmmm very nice licking