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#11585 - and with that both my mom and aunt stood up and stepped out of their shorts, and right on top of their pussies on their hips where tattoos saying “property of brian” with a arrow pointing down to their now well shaven slits, but before i could comment, both turned around and right above their butts my moms read “his first love” and my aunts read, “his mistress”, both turned back around and sat right next to me, i didn't wait a second as i locked lips with my mom and kissed her hard and deep,and we finally broke off i told her,”i love you mommy” she smiled as whispered, ”i love you too brian”, i turned to my aunt and kissed her as well, and then once we pulled apart, i stood up and extended my hands to both of them,”come, we need to christen the backseat of my new car. After a few minutes i finally spoke up,”well this is a lot take

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