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#332478 - Few years later I’ve just turned 21 now I’ve got a job as an engineer but that is all that has changed I’m still that loner nobody goes near still a virgin never even been kissed yet i even hoped that work life would be different to my school life i don’t get bullied anymore that’s a plus but nobody bothers to pay attention to me and every persons attention i lose just brings me back to that girl Alison i still keep tabs on her she’s same age as me and still queen of shit got a fancy house fancy car fancy job sometimes when i sit alone to myself i think how much it angers me to have everyone that done me wrong come out so right if you know what i mean , i knew something had to be done i am done being pushed around. Allison was now taking cum inside her ass and pussy as well as swallowing years’ worth of warm outdated cum I waited till all 3 tanks were emptied inside her body I withdrew all tubes and saw a beautiful slut with a massive belly, broken ass and a stuffed mouth I gave her

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