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#49459 - Just to inform you so I don’t deal with another freakout. In unison Debra or should I say Willow and me both went “What?!” “yeah you should train him first the records on the creators always said that learning the succubi powers were always the easiest race to learn so it makes sense doesn’t it” “b-but I don’t even know how to show him my powers”. You could probably make anybody do anything for you without ever having to kiss!” then a thought struck me “wait you said anybody a succubi kisses becomes there slave does that mean I cant kiss anybody because of this unless I want a slave” “no no that’s not it at all remember when I said that creators mastered the abilities they copy, well you still have to train no matter what but creators become much stronger in a quicker amount of time compared to other races, but with the succubi kiss there's no training needed cause its all mental” I sighed in relief after hearing this news and suddenly got very happy at the pro

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