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#286547 - `Well, then, go first in dishonoring the little mama,' I grinned. Linda's kisser was a total mess-pie 2 ½ hours later when I untied her and we disposed of her by walking out of her bedroom without a glance back, then dressed and left – but not until after all of us had pissed in her dirty mouth! In chat the following night, however, Linda typed, `That was wonderful. By the look of humiliation on Linda's face, though, I could tell she already felt violated, simply by the mean glare in our eyes roaming over her while I said, `Yes, and what an unseemly, seedy tramp, too – huh, guys?' `That's for sure!' Tom roughly agreed.

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Play bass next time it would be epico
I bet there is actually some weird ass religious people out there that do this