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#313839 - “Bare her ass than,” he replied, “Now!” A soldier resplendent in his red livery stepped forward, his badges proclaiming him to be a lieutenant general “Allow me!” he suggested as he took his ceremonial sword and hacked easily through the layers of thin fabric, revealing the outline of Mitzy’s famous buttocks, though in reality footage of Karen Horten’s ass was usually used in Mitzy’s porno’s because her ass was disappointingly bony. The city lights twinkled in the cool air as guests assembled for the wedding ball of Prince Boris and Princess Mitzy but in the palace voices were raised, “She cannot greet the guests naked!” the Queen insisted. “Gee, twelve usually, some of those big buck negros is fourteen,” Mitzy explained, “But they got surgical implants and they got a hard on all the time and can’t piss except up in the air.

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