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#259345 - I got her to take a real good sniff, the poppers did the job I saw her body and anus go limp, then with several hard push's, it went in, her body reacting to the onslaught fought back, but I held it in firm, then with one good push back she let out a scream and quickly orgasmed on the monster, she was no longer afraid of taking anything. I rode my monster for awhile my anal orgasm going strong, then pulled it out, her eyes blurred with tears all most, then I went back to fucking her pussy and ass, using the toys around us too, by now with some poppers Kerry was relaxing again, it was time, I pulled the vibe in her ass and pussy out, her body empty for now, Kerry began to breath slower, as I picked up then eased the monster to her butt, she clenched up tight, I gave her more poppers and said relax, she did trusting me more now than ever, as inch by inch I worked it in her stretched butt, boy did it look good too. We were swimming when Kerry returned, quickly stripping of an

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Umm thats not squirting lol thats pissing good hentai but thought id correct the title mistake