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#141940 - I was getting fucked from back and front I was totally helpless, I did not know what to do !!! I knew I had to get them jerked off fast and just concentrated on that and then john started fucking me faster and was moaning ooohhhhh myyy goooddd ahhhhh , john told Alex we are doing a 3some together and Alex gave john a hi5 and I was the victim getting fucked in between them , but I was really enjoying it like crazy, I couldn’t moan my mouth was full and then john told that he’s Cumming and then I tried to remove his cock from my mouth but he cummed b4 that I had no other go to swallow it and then john removed his cock, By then Alex was also tired and at the same time of john he too cummed inside my pussy Now I was really exhausted and couldn’t do much and was lying on the couch just like that after 2 min john came to me I told now what?? he did not say anything just turned me and place me side ways and he went behind me and inserted his penis in my pussy and started ramming it I couldn’

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