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#184347 - Oh, yes – I’ll ‘cunt’ you, you bitch, I’ll ‘cunt’ you until you are begging me to stop, and maybe still more! I think Miss Harper senses my mood, for her nipples jut up like granite peaks, her tongue flecks over her lips, and she gives a soft whimpering moan. I put an extra savage jerk and twist of my hips into shafting her vagina with the dildo, whilst continuing even more loudly to promise that I would ‘fucking have you’ and ‘fucking do you’, and calling her a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a dirty dyke and even a whore. I am gasping for breath myself from the vigour and pace of my exertions, sweat slicking my breasts and stomach, with rivulets trickling down between my pelvis and the inside of the dildo’s faceplate and mingling stickily with the juices dripping from my cunt.

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I tried this prank on my sister but i ended up in jail and people wonder why i have trust issues