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#54292 - It was Kathrine who acted first slowly she cracked her door open slightly and peaked in, what she saw shocked her, Micheal was laid on her bed, the big double, with his pants down and his cock hard in his hand, rubbing it furiously as he sniffed a pair of her panties, they were laid on his face and with his free hand he was holding them tightly there. Lindsey looked over at her and then came over; she saw the shocked look on her friends face and wondered what was happening “What's happening?” she asked and Kathrine looked over her shoulder at her friend “It’s Mike, he’s on my bed with his cock out wanking using my dirty panties!” she said with a grin, Kathrine could feel her pussy tingle and get wet. “You look great in that” Kathrine said as she admired her friends tight body, Lindsay had a nice set of breasts, 34C cup and very full, her body was the typical hour glass figure, thin waist and beautiful spread hips that lead to a round succulent ass and long legs, all the

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Ichirouta kazemaru
More of her talking please
Shouta kazehaya
Bruh marry her simple as that