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#233957 - I was too close to coming to care and so was she, I was trying desperately not to thrust my hips and I knew all too well that the brush would inevitably be forced out of my cock, she slammed down and I felt the a portion of the metal ferrule protrude from the end of my cock because of the down force, her hips rose again and came down once more, this time instead of just soft bristles she got a cm of metal perfectly lined with her cervical ring, this had the unexpected effect of pushing the entire 1 inch of brush bristles directly into her cervical neck along with about a centimetre of metal Ferrule, She howled her eyes were wide open and stopped humping my dick. She was frozen, mouth open, staring at my cock and its artistic intruder, I was frozen too, it seemed like ages but was probably more like a split second, I tried to cover up my cock but, the problem with having a 8 inch rigid brush shoved down your pee hole it that it’s a bit difficult to manipulate or hide, besides she h

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She is gorgeous
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