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Head Akogare - Di gi charat Nude

(C68) [鉄成道場 (鉄成)] AKOGARE (デ・ジ・キャラット)


Characters: Rabi en rose (9)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
26 pages - Uploaded
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#34656 - His bulge was immense. Anyway when Mike saw me nod he said “you know James this is boring, not playing for money, why don’t we have a little fun” I said “what do you have in mind” We both looked like we were in deep thought And I said “hmm I know something we could do But” “But what” Linda asked “Hmm I am not sure I should tell you, it’s silly” “Come on James tell us” Keisha blurted out “Well we could play a game of strip poker and when we stop to lose too many clothes we could always stop” “James that sounds like a great idea” Mike stated The girls look at each other and smiled and they both said “what the hell sounds like fun” I went to the liquor cabinet and brought some wine and said “I don’t know about you but I need a drink” and smiled I poured wine for all of us and we started the game by laying out the ground rules, the loser of the hand had to remove one article of clothing, we all agreed and we shuffled the deck and dealt the first hand.

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Sora kazesawa
Looks great needs to work on her timing with her expressions
Nagao kagetora
Great hentai as usual