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#259214 - As i walked down to the high street the amount of scantly clad females in very little clothes walked past i could not help myself staring and wondering if they had knickers on unlike my wife, it was now 30c and in the bank was nice and cool as the air con was on , still in my little world of wondering, i felt a hand on my shoulder nearly making me jump out my shorts , it was my mate's wife Kelly, she was every mans dream woman , slim, nice 36c ,boobs long ,blonde hair to her bum and the nicest peachy bum you could want, as i said hello i could see her sexy figure being shown off by her tight white backless dress , as she turned around to look out the window i could see she had no bra on but her boobs were firm and round , there was only 1 staff on and the que was not to big, soon there was just me , my wifes mate and the bank teller. So off down to the kitchen i went, the kids were already for school as they had a day trip and wont be back till half 5 , the wife came in and made

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