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#57892 - I spent that entire day at my friends house, swimming, talking, horsing around, you know , what you would regularly do on vacation, when it was dark , it was time to go home, I told jimmy and Marie I would stop by after dinner so that we could hang out some more. I guess from that day on it was vacation as always, for the next couple of days nothing out of the ordinary happened, one morning I woke up and Kat was already in the bathroom so I stayed in bed waiting for her to come out, I guess I must of dozed of cause when I opened my eyes Kat was standing naked in front of me, god she was gorgeous her tits once again were perfect, this time I saw her pussy and she was completely shaved, her little pink pussy lips looked like a two little mountains with a river in the middle, god what to do, she saw me staring and completely ignored me, finally I spoke -What are you looking for? - She stared at me and said -my light blue bikini, I can’t find it- Gulp I swallowed looking at her search

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Nobara kugisaki
I want to eat her ass sooooooo fucking bad
Name of her would be great