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#42783 - He finishes and then stands pulling my panties off then undoing and pulling down my skirt he then stands above me and begins to masturbate his cock drooling he doesn’t last long Cumming hard shooting a crossed my body from my spread legs and open pussy to my face. I stepped in to the room and glanced over his shoulder he had his pants around his ankles and his 7 1/2 inch cock in his hands he was stroking it and panting a little, I watched feeling a little tingly, I had seen a cock before but only my cousins and he was 13 so it wasn’t very big, seeing my uncles cock made me think of sucking my cousins penis and tasting his salty cum. He pauses and stand pulling his tee shirt over his head and kicking his pants and boxers away, he stood before me naked and hard as a rock, my uncle is military so he is older but still cut, his cock drooled pre from its tip he takes my hand and touches it to the tip, then begins to use my hand to masturbate himself, he sits back down pulling me in to his

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Anya alstreim
Guys that was really incredible it made me cum but as i keep telling you your hentais are even richer and tastier when they creampie
Asagi igawa
Julia so fucking hot