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#307613 - Cori and Jake tried to hit the place at least once a week, while about a month ago they brought their spouses along!!! Cori had recommended to Jake's wife that she try a young girl, and although she had never had a female eat her pussy before, they talked her into it, and watching her cum by having her twat eaten by an eighteen year old girl was the highlight of the evening! Cori and Jake both worked for a large advertising agency, and were always under a lot of pressure to perform, and as Jake liked to say, Every day it's pull down your jockey's and get out the yard stick! Being under all that pressure to succeed, it was only natural that they needed a place to uncoil some of that energy, so when ever Cori felt tense or pushed, she could always rely on a good hard orgasm to take off the edge, allowing her to refocus her efforts on the problem at hand! For this reason she was thankful that they had a place they could go to that allowed them to relax and relieve that ve

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