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#277662 - I begin by going to the cabinet and getting each of them a dildo so they can practice giving blowjobs I have them kneel on the floor I have Julia walk behind them and I tell them to begin Wendy, Lisa and Linda are doing pretty good they have sucked dick before the other’s are messy and crying when I snap the whip I tell them to stop I grab the back of Amber’s head and force her mouth down on the toy she is gagging and choking. The girl takes my clit into her mouth and I moan when her teeth graze me I cum after I catch my breath I pet her and tell her she did well when I stand Julia gets up. I look over at Julia and she has added nipple clamps to the girl I show her how to tighten them I tell her to show me how she eats pussy she gets between the girls legs and spread her open and she begins attacking her clit I pick up my cat and tell the girl that she can’t cum yet Julia knows how to eat pussy she is sucking and licking at her clit I get up on the table and put my pussy over her mou

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Love all your hentais
Takane shijou
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