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#250760 - I tie her across the bed this time for better access leaving her legs loose so we can flip her over if we want and move her into any position, I set the camera and start to tease her sending kisses all over her body she is moaning and groaning I place a vibrator on her pussy lips and say I am going to have a cigarette and go to the lanai text my friend and return ,now I start to tease her nipples licking , sucking and nibbling as Toni is moving and moaning begging for some attention to her pussy , a finger ,tongue , dildo, cock whatever she wants it now so I start to take the vibrator and slide it in a little making her so wet she tries to shove more in but can’t I tease a little more and then mount her and start to slap my hard cock on her clit the way she likes me to the dip a little into her cunt and pull out and slap that clit again ,now she is begging me to fuck her saying fuck me hard ,fuck me deep master I want to feel your balls slapping my ass ,So I start to fuck her slow and

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Ryo saeba
I like this fuck put a like if you want to fuck me like in the hentai