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#334029 - Woke up lick her lips she swear she cud taste pussy she push it away she went down stairs she stop it her track her daughter on her Kness her mom cud rite up her skirt rachel look back she cud see were her mom eyes was she seld hi mom she seld what u doing I'm cleaning help mike out he dose the work she seld that nice of u were is mike he gone out be bk in couple of hours rachel did the floor and sat at table her mom was day dreaming she think I can't be get turn on by my daughter that so wrong rachel seld u ok mom she drop her cup her coffe wet ever were and she got up got sum kitchen roll wipe it of the table and got on kness clean it of the floor she look across her daughter had her legs wide open sharron stare at it she jump up put towns in bit and seld I'm pop in shower rachel was sat there think her mom was acting odd and want to know why she sneek up stair went to bathroom door and put her ear to it she hear mmmmm awwww then she cud hear her mom talk to her self say she had no k

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