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#86652 - His arms slid around me, his hands knotting in my hair, and the kiss stopped being gentle and became fierce, all in one single moment tinder flaring into a blaze. When we finally got there he sat me down and told me “Your ankle is going to be fine just a day of rest will heal it” “Thanks for bringing me here not a lot of people would do that I bet I weighed a ton” I said “ the pleasure was all mine and come on you practically weigh nothing so are there any cool places in this city I have not done anything fun in this city since I moved” said Chris There was something in his eyes when he said this can he be whatever I am can he really like me I nearly fainted. The day started like any other summer day.

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Jin kisaragi
Whoa she left him destroyed that was amazing best blow job i have ever seen
Nitori kawashiro
That is awesome like every time i like be there instead of him my queen
Collet farandole
Wanna try it