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#77873 - Ten seconds later the curtain opened and a tall thin black male with a shaved head made his way to the front of the stage where he waited in a pure white terry cloth bath robe for Tommy to begin! “All right, ladies, get out your check books,” Tom said with a leer, “here we have a genuine black stud ready, willing, and last of all able to satisfy each and every one of your needs!” “I bid two hundred dollars!” Jennifer March shouted out. “Don’t make her wait another second, bury it!!!” “A-are you sure!?!” he stammered. “I have a bid of two hundred,” Tom nodded, “do I hear three!” “Three,” Marilyn Johnson replied, “I bid three hundred dollars!” “I have three hundred,” Tom announced, “come on now ladies, a night with this young stud is worth at least ten times that!” “How do we know he’s worth it?!” Bonnie Vance shouted out.

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