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#282668 - to be continue. We where around 15 and 14, she would be under me a lot as we got order to the point some would think we date I didn’t see it different until she would be under me in ways that would get me hard and her knowing and not moving if y’all understand that but like I was saying she would sit on my lap and fill it raise and would not move sometimes she would get comfortable we would sleep in the same bed and I would sleep on my side and she would turn her ass towards me and put it against my dick by the way my sister has a nice ass short slim thick nice skin tone shxt crazy, but back to the story well I left and went to college , she would come visit ,she had to be 17 around this time, and of course like normal we slept in the same bed we laid in the same position only this time we was up and like before I got hard and she didn’t move she even seem to press against it even harder while dis is going on we are just having a normal sister and brother conversation we begin to play

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Erich von rerugen
Mmm i thought cassidy banks was the perfect choice thats what i wouldve went with i mean did you hear that ass clapping nice
Hinata aoi
Awesome coco