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#247758 - at that point he took out a gun and held it to me and said if i didnt do what he said he would shoot me then he told me to take off my shirt and all i was thinking was he wouldn't realy kill me so i just kinda hesatated then he pilled the safety and i decided to do what he told me so i started crying and i took my shirt off and then i saw his almost toothless grin then he told me to take off my panties but keep my skifr on so i did as he told me then he walked over to me and told me to get on my knees and i did. Then i would go to work and stay al late as possible so i could earn more money. then out of noware he bitees my nipple realy hard and i scream out in pain then he stops holds the gun to my head and tells me if i scream again he will shoot me so i just sit there on my knees sobbing while he basicly starts chewing on my nipples thats when i relised the few teeth he did have were very sharp.

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Sumire kanzaki
Its almost like they have just strapped a phone to the mic and are playing music through that my ears are splitting gahdamn