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#290153 - Katie glanced over at John briefly, her plump wet lips wrapped around a fat shaft, and then back up at Marty’s face, gazing at him almost lovingly with her big brown eyes as she continued to suck him off, bobbing her head deeply up and down, never breaking her brisk rhythm. He left her there panting and drooling into the dirt and walked over to the cooler, grabbed a cold beer, and sat back in his chair smiling down at the girl. The men laughed as she received a “good girl” slap.

Read Dad [ペーター・ミツル]ナカに隠してるモノ見せて下さい~空港職員のセクハラ身体検査~Ch.1-3 [Chinese] [青文出版中文] [Digital] Gay Averagedick ナカに隠してるモノ見せて下さいCh.1-3

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