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#2326 - The hand that was on my hip is now in my pocket getting my keys out of my pocket I hear them jingle as if putting them in a hand then I heard the van door open and close that's when I feel the van start to move. he drops the dagger slowly stands up takes his pants off then kisses my stomach and runs his tongue over my nipple then kisses me with my blood all over his lips as he kisses me he slides his dick in and out of me never stopping kissing me he was bigger then the hilt of the dagger by far he had to be at least 12 in and as thick as a cucumber it hurt as he slammed in to me but I stayed silent and just let the tears flow from my eyes when he was done he kissed my neck and put the blindfold back on me. H: wow how are you M: good As i try not to giggle as i stand inches away from him he's so cute with is dark hair brown eyes smug smirk and buff arms lined with ink and his chest wanting to burst out of the wife beater he was wear and I could see he's bulge tryi

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