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#188099 - my mother thought this was very amusing. My mother asked him how many times a week was he going to have me,he said three times a week, my mother said only twice a week to begin,she would see how it went ,if it went well then he could do it three times a week,she also warned him to take it slowly otherwise he might spoil it,and after all their hard work they had put in she didnt want to lose the opportunity of making some money. My mother noticed,she told him I wouldnt last much longer,she told him it was time to turn the vibrator on,before he did my mother said to me the only way to clear the blockage was if they turned the vibrator on,and I ejected my cum,she said it would be very intense,she asked if I was ready I said I was.

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Rose thomas
Omg this vid is so hot
Wuena la putita
Super sexy i love the pants and the moaning i amazing
Vincent valentine