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#363646 - Sometimes he would fight me off pretty quickly other times he would not try so hard and I would sit on him for up to ten minutes my cock leaving a snail trail in my boxers of precum many times. 45 I walked into the woods I walked to the fallen tree the spunk I had shot on to it the day before had gone I suppose it must have dried in the dog ran about as I stood there rubbing my cock and balls through my trackies getting myself hard dreaming that it was Greg who was touching me up I would get rock hard then leave it alone then when it went back down to soft I would start rubbing it again making it hard causing my precum to rise I put my hand down into my boxers get some precum on my finger bring it to my mouth and lick it up I must have hung around the fallen tree for about an hour then went back out into the park and sat on a bench just hoping that Greg might be late. Me and him could talk about anything and he often told me about things that went on in his home one time they had no m

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Mamoru endou
Nice hentai wouldnt mind making one myself hmu
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