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#20746 - C told me they were both single and did not live that far from us so it would do no harm and it would be fun for them both as they had heard about me from her and it would be nice for them to get to know me better and as we had a well stocked bar at home why spend any more money here. She is no oil painting but my does she have a fine body now I am 25 years older then her and she would kill me in bed but what a way to go, back to the reality sorry I say no problem she says and walks past me C hands her a house coat and they come down stairs, more drinks a little food and more chat a few jokes a few smokes and out comes the scunk I roll a couple of joints and we all sit down to have a nice draw or two. I stand up and remove all my cloths and I tell Shaun to do the same, as he does I see via the light from the TV the full size and extent of his tool fuck me its longer and thicker than the guy in the film and it is not fully hard.

Read Bed Angel's Stroke 16 Bust Shot! - Macross frontier Shecock Angel's Stroke 16 Bust Shot!

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