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#13167 - They took me back home in a van,still bound and blindfolded (apparently they knew where I lived (but how, where my parents involved with them?) An old man took me now hogtied, blindfolded, and gagged to my bed along with my little bitch hogtied and gagged, as well, and took some photos to us both being tied without clothes, and once he did finish, he put a note in my only desk, throw me some cut-off shorts. I left the paintbrush inside his ass, take a photo on his backside, showing his white legs and his little ass being fucked/another one to his front part, showing his little bound white hands on his back barely touching his little white hogtied feet fingers, as well as his little scared boy face eating his half sandwich face down hogtied in my bed, and once he did finished dealing with the sandwich, I turned him around, so he would be face up, and I so then tied his arms so hard he couldn't even move them, then I gagged him with some duct tape, and took another photo, now

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