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#29361 - My best score for a normal day, by the time we had moved to the good area, was about eight hundred before I got sculpted, (and I worked hard for that!) and I think about fourteen or fifteen hundred afterwards; although to score so high was rather uncommon before I got my details on the same website that Erika used. Below them was this legend, ‘This is a perfect example of that elusive, yet beautiful creature, the Totally Fucked Out, Submissive Blonde Dildo Slut-Bitch!!! The cause of the two big holes appearing in the lower abdomen in the second photograph is two big fat rubber cocks shoved hard up two tight little holes, as she screamed out her pleasure and begged for more, and the semi-reflective red effect in the face is a mixture of panting and gasping for breath during a mind-blowing orgasm, where she squealed so loudly she almost shattered the windows, and must have woken up all of the neighbors, and having copious quantities of fresh cunt-cream squirted all over the skin and rub

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