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#103027 - I went down and cooked dinner, I had just finish cooking called Kim we sat down and ate our spag as we were eating I kept sneaking glances at Kim’s legs in her short skirt, I think she saw me looking I got so red in the face I almost broke a blood vessel just then my wife came home , she said I looked like someone had been slapped in the face, I said some of the pasta went down the wrong way my daughter laugh and smiled at me, I think she knew the dilemma I was in, My wife then told us that she had to go on a course as part of training for this new job, it was in Southampton she would leave on the Saturday and be back the following Sunday. I follow him out the door keeping my distance then I notice they went in to a family changing cubicle, I went into the next one to them and heard them talked; he asked her if she wanted to come home later with Kelly his daughter? She asks what about your wife? There is no wife she’s gone long time ago. It all cost £1700.

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Minato sahashi
So hot as always love your hentais
Haha nooo
Makoto niijima
Love your hentais guys where can i find that song from the beginning though