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#176984 - . Well this story starts out with my Mother and Stepfather arguing over bills and the like and his constant drinking so she kicked him out and she sat me and my brother Jake and I down at the dining table and began to cry I have had enough of his constant drinking not keeping a job I can't do it all alone I will have to get two jobs we all sat there in silence I got up to give my Mom a hug and told her I wish I could take care of her she hugged me and kissed me and my brother good night and said its time for bed its getting late and you have school tomorrow I was in the Fourth grade my brother Jake was in the 6th grade his best friend was a guy named Jeremy who met up with us as we walked to school he was a real asshole he was always teasing me and making fun of me when ever he came around my brother occasionally stepped in to tell him to knock it off well the school bell ring it was time to go home so I waited for my brother and we walked home when we got home I could see Jeremy

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Please give links of all the hentai cuts in the intro
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