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Girl Get Fuck Okinai no!? Rumia-chan! - Touhou project Office

[ファミリーVOID (羽雲)] 起きないの!?るーみあちゃん! (東方Project) [DL版]


Characters: Rumia (71)
Languages: Japanese ihentai
Categories: Doujinshi
22 pages - Uploaded
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#279924 - Sarah did not consider herself a tramp and it wasn’t like she didn’t want a boyfriend she looked forward to the day she would be able to say this is my boyfriend but until then she would have some fun. “hey girl how ya goin” Sarah turned to see Stacy and the other girls behind her “oh hi” she replied then looked at her watch it was 9:40 “what took you guys” “we were trying to get a lift so we had to settle for April’s dad So what have you been doing?” asked Stacy just having a few drinks and waiting for you guys replied Sarah so let's go said April. Her breasts were better than average well proportioned for her body perfectly rounded and shaped with two perfect nipples accompanying them, then there was her ass perfectly shaped and nicely proportioned as well so lets just say whenever she walked down the street all eyes were on her.

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