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Chupando Mutsumajii Waikyoku - Kantai collection Finger

[催眠すし屋 (ひぷの寿司)] 睦まじい歪曲 (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)


Characters: Hiryuu (25)
Languages: Japanese ihentai
Categories: Doujinshi
17 pages - Uploaded
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#240278 - Akane entered the kitchen and saw Ranma staring back at her, Ranma was on the kitchen counter on her knee's, hands and feet unbound being held in position on all four by a short stool that had been placed under Ranma's chest to hole her in place, with the spit still inside her, She has a look of excitement in her eye's Akane thought, What’s so exciting about dying? she added to her thought. Ranma Walked over to her and whispered into her ear, I know your enjoying this, I can see your clit pulsing as it touches the spit I felt the same way Ranma said as Akane looked at him, I can feel the spit in my stomach, it hurts, but for some reason I cant stop cuming Akane said as the spit got closer and closer to her throat, That is your natural female instinct finally coming out Akane Kasume said as she came out of the kitchen with a bucket of barbeque sauce she had made to baste Akane with.

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She is adorable