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#401 - 00 in cash from the bets that had been placed! Bull had said to Sissy that she would have done much better, but that three of the dogs, Brutus, Satan, and the Doberman had monopolized her and had not given any of the other dogs a chance at her, and had really growled and shown their teeth to those that tried! She had however been repeatedly hard fucked by them almost half a dozen times or more and for Sissy this still was not enough!!!!. She was now so hot and horny as he slowly and forcefully slid inside her that she hardly noticed as she was choked into another orgasm! OMG the feeling of finally being fucked and by a big dog was so over powering along with the pain she easily cummed again from the sinful abuse and it only took the dog little more. The third girl was the one that had been hanging upside down and had been pissed on and hard fucked by the two pit bulls, and her master as a lark decided to enter her and she had been grotesquely and crudely painted up with water

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Masuki satou
Never had anything this big yet been wanting to stumble and fall on one this big
Bastion misawa
Not the cat